Translation of Business Correspondence

In my almost 11-year career with Frogtranslation, I have received quite many inquiries concerning the translation of e-mail contents into English or Polish. In most cases, it has been corporate correspondence.

Another Translation Context

Recently, however, I had the opportunity to translate the content of e-mail correspondence in an entirely different context. I got the message from Miss Ireland, a Polish woman who is involved in helping victims of domestic violence. She is very effective in her endeavors to offer support in Ireland, where she lives. Also, she has visited the Polish morning shows to talk about her activity. There have been stories about how it all started, why this subject moved her so much, and what actions she takes specifically.

A Story to Translate

She sent her book/story in Polish to me, which I had to translate into English professionally. The publication was to consist partly of the author’s thoughts and story, but mostly it contained her e-mail correspondence with victims of violence. These were mainly letters from Polish women living in Ireland.

Translation Challenges

The main difficulty in translating this correspondence was to me to preserve the style of a specific e-mail’s author. It was clear that I had to express the character of each author of the letter in English and keep all individualisms: the manner of writing, which was often primarily dictated by stress, slips of the pen, typos, sometimes even regionalisms.

Colloquial Language Translation

The very translation of informal language is quite a challenge to me because every day I work with scientific literature; my main branch of activity is scientific articles. However, considering the above and the emotional load of these contents for translation, I can confidently say that this was one of the most challenging translation projects. I hope, however, that I was equal to my task.

More about my client and her work here,114871,18927544,polki-w-irlandii-pisza-do-mnie-wyciagnij-mnie-z-tego-piekla.html

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